Montessori American School Has Great Success With Children’s Enrichment Programs

Montessori American School announces it has had great success with the first year of new enrichment programs that were implemented for students. Programs include Yoga, Spanish, and Art, as well as a Potty Training class for 2 Year Olds.

Edith Gruener – Principal
Montessori American School
(619) 422-1220

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA (August 30, 2011) In Chula Vista, California, preschool children have the opportunity to receive an enriching experience that goes above and beyond the typical perception of a preschool and Kindergarten classroom. At Montessori American School, new enrichment programs were implemented in 2011 that allowed children to learn about and participate in activities such as yoga, art history, art appreciation, and early learning of Spanish as a second language. The classes have proven to be very successful, and will continue to be offered in the upcoming enrollment period. “We felt that it was important to provide our students with classes that would complement and enrich our Montessori program,” says Edith Gruener, Director, Montessori American School. “These classes provide parents with a wonderful opportunity to broaden their child’s horizons and enrich the Montessori learning experience.” The enrichment classes at Montessori American include the following:

Yoga for Kids – These yoga classes were implemented in an effort to help children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment. Yoga enhances children’s physical flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness, while also improving mental calmness and concentration, and relaxation skills.

Art History for Kindergarteners – Children in Art History will have the opportunity to learn about art, beginning with cave drawings to present day artists, providing an excellent start to art appreciation. Children will learn drawing skills, as well as how to work with various mediums.

Art Class for 4 Year Olds – These classes are taught by a Certified, experienced art teacher, who introduces a variety of art activities with oil pastels, colored chalk, markers, paints, and collages. Children will also learn drawing skills and how to work with origami.

Spanish – Basic Spanish is taught daily inside the Montessori environment, where children are introduced to basic vocabulary and structures. Advanced Spanish classes are also available.

Help with Potty Training for 2 Year Olds – This class allows toddlers the opportunity to experience a Montessori foundation. In addition to assistance with potty training, children will also have the opportunity to be introduced to Spanish, Arts, Crafts, Music, Geography, and Geometry from an early age.

The next enrollment period for Montessori American School begins in February 2012. For information on enrollment, or more information about enrichment classes, call (619) 422-1220.

Montessori American School is a private kindergarten and preschool in Chula Vista that serves Bonita, Chula Vista, Eastlake, and San Diego, CA. They opened their doors in 1988 with 48 students. Today the school serves 96 children between the ages of two and six years. All of the teachers are either certified by the Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) or by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and they are trained to teach based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Montessori American School currently offers early childhood programs for ages 2 – 6, extended care services, and enrichment classes that include music, Spanish, yoga, and art.

Montessori American School is committed to Academic Excellence and has been since 1988. Call (619) 422-1220 for more information.