Chula Vista Preschool Shows How Montessori Schools Differ from Traditional Schools

Montessori American School, a Chula Vista preschool, debuts a FREE eBook for parents and caregivers who would like to learn more about the differences between Montessori and traditional schools.

Edith Gruener – Principal
Montessori American School
(619) 422-1220

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA (September 5, 2014) An early learning center in Chula Vista, CA announces the debut of an educational eBook explaining the differences between Montessori schools and traditional schools. The eBook, entitled 12 Ways Montessori Schools are Different from Traditional Classrooms is currently available for free download at

“We have never met a parent that does not have the goal of finding the best possible education for their child,” said Edith Gruener, Principal of Montessori American School. “But, many parents feel overwhelmed by the information when they are researching, or are just not sure what exactly they should be searching for. To help them in their effort, we have provided a number of free resources that aim to educate and inform parents about some of the most common questions and concerns around early childhood education. With this book, we are explaining the core differences between the environment and education provided by a Montessori school, versus a traditional school.”

Montessori American’s latest eBook answers the age old question, “What makes a Montessori school different from a traditional classroom?” The 12-point guide highlights some of the key factors that distinguish a Montessori approach from traditional schooling. Some of the topics covered in the eBook include:

  • Unique learning environments

  • Consideration of varied learning styles

  • Specialized materials used at Montessori schools

  • The role of teachers

  • Social structures in classrooms

In addition, the eBook discusses some of the basic Montessori philosophies and core principals, such as teaching children the value of making mistakes, as well as instilling independence.

Edith added, “The world of childcare options can be very complex. It can often be difficult for a parent to know where their child will thrive. This eBook is designed for parents who may be considering either a Montessori or traditional classroom environment, so that they can make an informed decision.”

“12 Ways Montessori Schools are Different from Traditional Classrooms” is the latest in a series of free eBooks from Montessori American School. All eBooks are available for free download.

Based in Chula Vista, California, Montessori American School serves children ages 2-6 at their state of the art child care center on Bonita Rd. Since 1988 the school has taught young children to enjoy learning new concepts and to find creative solutions to problems. For more information, call (619) 422-1220.