We believe in empowering children to be independent. We believe that a Montessori education is the best way to develop a love for learning so that they’ll thrive in elementary school and beyond. But we need your help to get the word out because we want to keep serving other families in the South Bay.

If your child has been a student here, will please tell others about your family’s experience with our school? Word of mouth is still the best way. But public reviews also help very much. Please choose a platform below to write a public review.



I highly recommend Montessori American School! All of the teachers are so kind to each child, truly encouraging each to their strengths. The school is true to the Montessori practice and is not a blend, as are other schools that I have observed. Both of my children have thrived under the direction of teachers who have taught here at Montessori American School for MANY years. My children LOVE to attend and learn. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning. The school offers yoga and art and music, all of which my children love participating in and have gained an appreciation for each. I am confident we made the BEST choice for our children at Montessori American School.

Perla Bonilla

My son graduates Kindergarten this June & even though he has only attended Montessori American School one year, it has been an amazing year. We chose Montessori American School to ensure he had a great foundation before attending public school. Everyday we find out something new he has learned. At dinner one night he said ‘the pledge of allegiance’. Another night he sang ‘oh once I had pumpkin’. He has learned about all the holidays through the year. At a baseball game he sang ‘the national anthem’. On Fridays he does yoga, ‘sun salutations’ and even leads the class. He has learned some Spanish by singing ‘Buenos Dias’. He knows art history & has become an artist, drawing ‘The Great Wave’, ‘The Starry Night’, and The Mona Lisa (just to name a few). Music class has allowed him to try different musical instruments. He has learned about the clock and how to tell time. He can write his first & last name and numbers past 100. He has been given homework and will do it on his own. He is very independent. He is eager to help with chores, cooking and cleaning. He has become more creative and adventurous. Thank you to all the staff for everything & a special thanks to: Edith, Melissa, Vanessa & Alexiss!!

Nic & Karen Magallanes

Unequivocally, my wife and I made the correct choice when we selected the Montessori American School. The way his teachers have helped our son develop his individuality, while at the same time emphasizing self-discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience. It’s funny sometimes, that as a parent, you learn just as much from your kid as they do from you. We will miss you…

Octavio Mac Farland

We love this school. Campus, teachers, curriculum. This is my oldest Kinder year. We ask all the time to stay, expand the school! My daughters love going everyday and if I say they can stay for aftercare, they go bananas with excitement. Safe to say you can’t go wrong here.

Karry Bradshaw

We love the American Montessori School. We have both of our kids enrolled (the youngest starting when he was just 2) and couldn’t be more pleased with the love and care and attention they get from the amazing staff. It feels more like a good family and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

Van Nguyen

This is the BEST Montessori! I’ve had my two children both attend MAS and I have to say it was the best decision I could make for them. My eldest child finished two years of instruction and left with confidence, leadership, and knowledge. I have to admit once they leave MAS they are ahead of their class. My second child will be graduating this June. The director and teachers have helped my daughter significantly gain confidence and self independence. I am confident that she will enter 1st grade with a great head start. The wonderful programs here at MAS also help to enrich our Kindergarten experience. She is taking advanced Spanish, music, art history and yoga. The loving environment, the organization, and the teacher instruction are what I believe to be the key success of The Montessori American School.

Michelle Escoto

My son started attending Montessori two months ago. He loves his teachers and has improved on his social skills enormously, he is courteous and respectful and more assertive. He used to be shy around adults and other children, but not anymore. I am so happy to see the positive changes he has exhibited from his short time of enrollment. Not to mention his knowledge on all the continents, oceans and active interest in addition and a multitude of shapes. He is only four and is so intelligent! I know he will continue to advance in his education and etiquette while attending this school. 🙂

Jacqueline Hernandez

My daughter has truly blossomed over the past two years academically and socially. She is always eager to go to school and has a wonderful relationship with her teachers. The director and teachers make themselves very accessible and very supportive. I will be sad when my daughter transitions out but look forward to my son being part of this school very soon!

Lisa Cuestas

Tonight at dinner, I was speaking to my husband and mentioned Brazil, and then my 2-year-old says, “Brazil is in South America”, and then she starts rattling off the names of ALL of the countries in South America. Needless to say, my husband and I were floored…thank you Montessori American School for helping our children be the smart, independent, creative, inquisitive little ones they are!

Nadine Varga

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL! The staff of teachers is one of the best (if not the best) in the area. The care and attention they give to our daughters by far exceeds any of our expectations. And if that wasn’t enough, our children and their classmates out-perform any of the children in their age group. My oldest daughter, even though she should be going to first grade because of her age, is being considered for advancement to second grade because of her knowledge and skills learned at Montessori American School. Thank you MAS, our daughters will always be ahead of their classes because of you.

Oscar Foglio

Being a Montessori guide myself, I held all the pre-schools I visited to a higher standard and was not satisfied, let alone, impressed by any of them. Let me tell you, there are a lot of schools that call themselves “Montessori” just because they have Montessori material, but their teachers and directors are not properly trained in the philosophy. MAS guides have years of experience and it shows, not only in the caring and nurturing way they treat children, but in their environment and the work they do. Many family members and friends have had their children attend M.A.S., some of them driving way out of their way just to come here, so I knew that it was something special. And that something is THE STAFF! From the first month my 3 year old attended, the teachers immediately connected with her and with us as a family, and not only her own teachers, the ones from the other classrooms as well. Children learn at their own pace and they learn not only from what the guide presents to them, but also from their peers, that is what is so wonderful about the mixed aged groups in which older children teach and care for the younger ones, and young ones admire and learn from the older. If you are looking for a pre-school for your child, do not think twice about Montessori. And if you are thinking Montessori and live in the Chula Vista/Bonita/Eastlake area, Montessori American School is the way to go!

Mara Garza

I highly recommend this school. The teachers are fantastic. The class instruction is organized and the instruction plan is true to the Montessori teachings, unlike other pre-schools which claim to be Montessori. Our children have been attending the school since 08′ and I can tell you there is little to none teacher turn-over. The school provides a safe, loving and secure environment. Our children absolutely love attending this school. And on a last note, the music program offered is amazing.

Carlye Halvorsen

Our daughter just completed her first year at the Montessori American School and we could not be more pleased with our decision to send her here. As working parents, we try to be realistic about the amount of time that we have to consistently teach our daughter the skills that she needs to be successful when she enters school. So when searching for a pre-school, curriculum and a focus on education were top on our list. We really feel that children our sponges at this age and if given the opportunity will soak up all that there is to offer. The curriculum that this school follows is absolutely amazing. She has been developing exceptional skills in geography, early math and reading preparation. The instruction she receives and the teachers dedication to inspiring pre-schoolers to learn far surpasses any expectations that we had. As if the instruction was not enough, the staff is amazing! All of the teachers are so positive and it is completely apparent how much they care for the children. Ms. Edith, the school’s director, is completely committed to providing a warm and nurturing environment for children. She has done an amazing job staffing the school with teachers that are just as committed. Beyond our happiness with the school is our daughter’s, which is most important. She cannot wait to leave for school every morning. We are absolutely thrilled to have found an environment that is allowing our daughter to flourish and preparing her for her future education, while at that same time providing her an opportunity to have fun with the friends she has made. We look forward to watching her continued development as she continues her pre-school years at this school. We highly recommend the Montessori American School.

Erin Jackson

My son Daniel went to Montessori American School for two years and he loved everything about it. Miss Yoli is an incredible teacher. Daniel came out of the school with excellent learning skills particularly in math and reading, as well as in geography. I especially admire Miss Norma, the art teacher, she instilled in my son a huge love for her art class, he would wake up excited about having art and come home with beautiful drawings. I know my son misses his school, his friends and his teachers.

Alejandra Castaneda

We recently moved to Bonita, CA from Orange County, CA. Our 3-year-old daughter had been enrolled in an exceptional Montessori school in Orange County (LePort Schools). I was nervous about her transition and did not know if I could find a school to measure up to the high standards of LePort. After much research, and meeting with the Director, I decided to enroll our daughter at the Montessori American School in Chula Vista. I am so pleased with my decision! My daughter is very eager to go to school each morning. She enjoys this school so much, and I can only credit her happiness to the amazing staff at Montessori American. The entire staff is kind and loving, and genuinely cares about these children. Our daughter’s teacher, Miss Araceli, is exceptional. She has continued to spark a love of learning in our daughter, who came home the other day from school and announced that she lives in the United States of America. She also knew the names of other countries. This school is a little gem, and I’m so glad I found it! If you want to give your child the life-long gift of the love of learning, then enroll them at this school.

Nadine Varga

I can’t say enough great things about this school. My son has been attending since he was three and our youngest will start in the spring. The staff here are just wonderful- extremely loving and attentive. My son just absolutely loves going to school each day. The class structure provides a sense of comfort and my son just seems to thrive in their learning environment. In the three years we’ve been attending, there has been little to no staff turnover. This has allowed my son to form a very special bond with his teachers. The school also continues to add additional items to their educational program each year, such as yoga, music, art history and Spanish to name a few. My only complaint is we’d wish they offered a program past Kindergarten. It’s going to be difficult when my son is ready for 1st grade to locate a school who can top this one! Needless to say, we would highly recommend this school.

The Halvorsens

I have so many things to say that I don’t know where to start! I am a VERY protective mom who was anxious and nervous about sending my child to preschool for the first time. However, Montessori American School won me over very quickly and allayed all my fears! This preschool/kindergarten is the perfect blend of academics, culture appreciation, and socialization. They foster independence, creativity, and a genuine pride in learning in all of their students. The entire staff is dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new tasks/learning experiences they may not be familiar with. This staff also provides a very nurturing environment which I was very drawn to and one I had not observed with other schools when I was choosing a school for my daughter (and believe me, I looked!). This year, they have begun to incorporate Spanish, art, and music as part of their core curriculum. They even started a new class for non-potty trained 3 yr. olds with a dedicated nanny to help train the kids how to potty. I could not have asked for more & would have enrolled my 3 yr. old son were we not leaving due to a military move! I see the progress my daughter has made in the year she has been there and my husband and I are amazed! She has become a confident, independent, and respectful little lady who loves to learn. She is excited to come home each day and share all she has learned and accomplished! As for tuition, as a previous reviewer mentioned, it is a little pricey. However, if you compare the other tuitions of the other Montessori schools in the San Diego area, Montessori American’s tuition is very competitive AND they offer so much more (even beyond what’s in print)! This school has won Best Preschool in Chula Vista for several years in a row and it is well-deserved!!! You can’t put a price on education and giving your children the best chance at a great start! I recommend this school with no reservations! Thank You Miss Edith, Miss Yoly, Miss Dani, Miss Yuri, Miss Aimee, and the rest of the wonderful staff at Montessori American!


Irene DeLeon-Dudas, MD

The Montessori American School will provide your child the best foundation for their academic endeavors. Not only did my 10 year old and 7 year old sons attend the school for their preschool and kindergarten years, my youngest son (age 3) has recently started attending the school. The school provides the structure that children crave, the tools that help children gain skills, and staff that are nurturing and protective. As a full-time working mom, it is very important for me to be assured that my child is in a safe environment and, at the same time, my child is given every opportunity to learn and discover. I have never been disappointed in the 8 years I have been involved with this school. In fact, I credit the school for the easy transition my children had going into the 1st grade at their elementary school. My children continue to be high achievers academically and very respectful towards their peers and adults. What more can a parent ask for? You will not be disappointed if you put your child in this school!!

Nilanie Ramos

I love this school! My son is loved and nurtured as well as academically enriched. This is his second year and he loves going to school! I’ve recommended this school to friends and continue to be very happy to have my son attend school here.


Edith, my wife Deborah and I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the nurturing and education your school provided to my son and my daughter. Edith, as you know I was a board member of a local school district for five years and witnessed the administration of the educational process first hand. Edith, I want you to know that I understand how difficult it is to maintain staff as dedicated as those you have. I firmly believe that the reason they are there is because they believe they are involved in something very special. Edith, when both my children were entrusted into your care they were toddlers As time went on it was clear that your school was a special place for learning respect, responsibility, independence and logic. Edith, there are not many organizations where you can’t find some type of weakness. In evaluating the type of education and care you gave to my children over a total of six years, I can proudly say your school is as close to perfect as a school can get. Edith, my wife and I are forever grateful for the foundation you have established for both my children and are forever indebted to your school for this. My children love you, your school and their teachers.

Albert Armas and Deborah Armas

Our experience at the Montessori American School has been excellent. Not only have my daughters received the love and care they needed outside the home environment, but the program is great. As a mother of three, this will be my ninth year in School. Two of my older daughters already graduated from Kindergarten and are doing excellent in their elementary years.
Everyday I drop off my daughter at School; I leave her with a smile. She loves her teachers. I am very thankful to Edith and her excellent staff for all the good things they taught my children, but most of all for helping them become strong, smart, secure and happy children.

Frida Franco

We are very pleased with the education our sons received at Montessori American School. Edith and her staff provided a positive and loving environment for learning. They gave our sons the foundation blocks they needed to excel in higher education. This is thus far, the best investment we have ever made. We will miss all of you.

Moises & Ceidy Pacheco, parents of Moises & Dominic

Our experience with the Montessori American School is nothing short of fabulous. The caring and nurturing nature of the owner and teachers made a foundational difference in the academic lives of our children that only becomes more evident every year. They outpace their peers in each academic area, and have continued to develop the sense of self and of community that is fostered at MAS. After enrolling our first daughter (now 11 years old) in three different Montessori schools, it was easy to determine which school had the right fit… clearly the Montessori American School. She was able to grow so substantially that when it came time to pick a school for her younger sister 5 years later, there was really no other option for us…The Montessori American School without hesitation. Edith and the staff at Montessori American School made us feel like family. They are not just teachers, but family members. They truly care deeply for each student’s welfare and strive to make each student special. Our children still love to go by and say hello when they can, and Edith and the team welcome them as you would a family member you have not seen for a while. From their daily welcome to the students and parents, to their warm hugs and farewells at the end of each day, the staff at Montessori American School provided an unparalleled environment in which we began a bright future for our children.

Russ & Victoria Buckley

The experience my children had with Montessori American School was incredible. From the very start, we were impressed with the discipline, patience and caring environment which the children were taught. This is by far an educationally superior school with highly experienced and dedicated teachers. Our daughter developed a passion for the arts and our son significantly improved his language skills to the point he is now fluent in both Spanish and English. We highly recommend the school to any parent who wants the absolute best education for his child.

Rod and Ana Molina Rodriguez. Max’s and Paulina’s parents

The best gift any parent can give their children is a good foundation for their educational future done within a safe environment. The staff at the Montessori American School are conscientious, skillful and knowledgeable. The children academically grow in an environment that is very nurturing. As parents that are employed full-time, it was very important for us to place our children in a setting that could provide them with a strong academic base, a setting that our children could feel like they belonged, and most importantly, a setting where we knew our children would be safe.
Our first son attended the school from 2004-2007, our second son has been there since 2007, and we plan on sending our third son in the future when he turns 3. The moment our first son entered the first grade we were able to see the benefits of sending our child to the Montessori American School. Not only was he achieving at a higher level, he was confident with himself and his abilities.

Ronnie and Nilanie Ramos

We know first hand how the Montessori American School is unique and very special. Each child is greeted by name and with a tussle of the hair or a big friendly hug they are sent on their way to the sweet and friendly playground each morning. Their academic program encourages children to ask questions, use their imaginations, take time and care with their assignments, and to make the most of each day. Both of our sons attend the Montessori American School. They have become very confident in their problem solving abilities and very self-reliant. Their art, music and Spanish programs are fantastic as well. It is obvious everyday how much Miss Edith loves her job and how serious she takes her responsibility as an educator. She has assembled a wonderful staff who shares her passion: The atmosphere within the grounds carries the joy of learning, the thrill of discovery, and the fun of fellow classmates. Our only regret is that the Montessori American School does not go beyond kindergarten.

Aubyn and Jack Gominiak

Our children were taught to be independent thinkers and learners. We attribute our children’s ability to stay focused and current scholastic success, to the Montessori American School. The staff was loving, nurturing, professional and kind to our children and family. The music and language programs were a favorite part of the school week for our children. We would encourage any family with preschool to Kindergarten aged children to enroll their children at the Montessori American School.

Tim and Jori Stuber

All my 3 children attended this school. They loved it and looked forward to learning new things. The teachers were very nurturing and attentive to them which is very important to young children. The Montessori environment encourages the children to be self-starters and take initiative. This attitude is very important especially now that the kids are in the higher grades. Even to this day, our children recall special times and special teachers in this school. I am very happy with the results of this short but very important part of their education.

Joel & Judith Apides

Deanne and I wanted to express our appreciation for all that you Ms. Edith, and your staff have been doing for children. This is such an important time in their lives and we feel so fortunate that you and your school are guiding and shaping their futures. It is obvious to us that you create a culture of caring and development that is a perfect fit for our family. You set the tone for your staff and it shows in the wonderful interactions we have with your staff on a daily basis. Lastly. we realize that you have many children and parents that you talk with on daily basis. The great thing about you style is that you always make us feel as if we are the only ones on your list. Thank you so much.

Chuck Matthews and Deanne Sharp

We were very pleased with the wonderful foundation Montessori American School gave both of our children. The teachers are devoted, caring, and skilled at challenging each child to excel academically at their own pace. Kaelyn’s and Kevin’s years at the school set them up for later success in elementary school. It also was a place that our children loved and looked forward to going to each day.

Steve & Ellen Kappes,
Parents of Kaelyn & Kevin